About Mark Wilhelm

We live our lives in a series of mostly expected sights and occurrences. My art takes those everyday things, those pieces of public consciousness and changes one small detail in an effort to shock the mind into seeing the world in a different way.

Whether it’s through abstract paintings designed to make you think about the colors you see every day in a different way or pop culture icons painted into renaissance paintings I want to wake people up. I want them to find unexpected emotion in the everyday. Life is strange and lovely and funny but also sad at times, art should be all of those things.

I feel the same way about the two dimensional work that I do. I make upcycled art using cardboard and paper bags. It is blocky but instantly recognizable.

My pottery is functional and intended for use in everyday life but is also surprising in certain small ways. I always research the traditions and exact functions of the ceramic vessels that I make. Translating that knowledge into a functional item that I can apply my own sense of style to is super satisfying.

My goal as an artist is to make pieces that people will use or look at everyday and hopefully fall in love with.

-Mark Wilhelm