Decorating Hand Drawn Bottles

The first batch of hand drawn bottles have been glazed and prepped for the final step! These were some of the more exciting pieces I have ever glazed. When glazing a cup or tea bowl it is pretty easy for me to choose where to place the accent of gold glaze that has become a part of every piece of pottery I make.

Tea Bowl by Mark Wilhelm

I always choose a spot that creates a focal point both highlighting the symmetry of the piece and the different colors and textures of glaze I use.

But as you have seen the hand drawn bottles are not symmetrical at all. So how was I going to add order to the chaos???

Hand Drawn Bottle (work in progress)

I decided to add a golden circle to each bottle (off center of course.) This circle would provide both a focal point as well as a dividing line for the different glazes in use.

Hand Drawn Bottle (work in progress)

These work in progress photos also highlight how much different a piece looks post glaze but pre the final firing. It is very difficult to predict exactly what a piece will look like once all the glaze melts, turns to glass and drips/combines into a solid covering.

Stay tuned to see the final product! I’ll be opening the kiln and revealing the finished hand drawn bottles very soon!

Mark Wilhelm

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