Hand Drawn Bottles

These hand drawn bottles are works in progress.

Some potters compare throwing pots on a wheel to drawing in the air. I agree with that statement, but since I was a two dimensional artist for a decade and a half before I started making pots, I feel a much closer connection to the simplicity of drawing with a pencil on paper.

For each bottle that you see here, there is a drawing that I did on paper. I then used that drawing to create the slump mold. That way the feeling, spontaneity, and relaxed nature of drawing with a single line on paper is captured in each bottle.

Due to the way I make my slump molds, they only survive for a few bottles. I want to keep them this way so that I’m always drawing new shapes. Each one is a permanent representation of a spontaneous moment that I have sketched.

Each bottle is then textured with different found objects as a way to further freeze them into the time and place that they were made. Whether it’s shells found on the beach or a doll hand I found in the gutter each bottle tells it’s own unique story.

The bottles you see here are still in progress but stay tuned for details! They are coming soon to Cedar House Gallery & Kobo Gallery !

Mark Wilhelm

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