Are Plants Pets???

As someone who is too irresponsible to own a dog I would say yes! If I did own a dog I would dress that dog up in various fashions always being careful to maintain the dogs dignity and sense of style… Maybe it’s better that I don’t own a dog.Dog’s should probably stay naked unlike our plants who would die without their pots.

Thus an opportunity arrises for us as fashionable plant owners! Let’s dress up our plants in some nice plant pants! But it should be noted that the pot we choose can effect their lifespan as well as their cool factor! So the pot should be just as beautiful as the plant itself but for the comfort of your plant babies it has to be about more than what the pot looks like.

In my journey to create a perfect succulent pot I have found that some specific design choices are important. A succulent pot that isn’t glazed on the inside helps to maintain the moisture level of the soil. That is why I now leave the inside walls of my pots raw.

Most succulents prefer a low amount of moisture and are susceptible to root rot. To combat this I make a hole at the bottom and make sure that the floor of the pot is sloped correctly so that the excess water can drain properly. I also care about your furniture (I know so thoughtful) so I make the hole small enough that dirt doesn’t fall out.

Plant pants by yours truly are currently available at Kobo Gallery!

-Mark Wilhelm

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