How to Communicate With and Without Emojis.

I have witnessed many arguments begin on Twitter due to a misunderstanding or the assumption of the intent of a statement that could be taken any number of ways. One tweeter making a careless comment and another tweeter being in a bad mood can be a recipe for a twitter typhoon!

No Words
by Mark Wilhelm
Part of The Communication Series

With The Communication Series, I wanted to convey that despite all of the words and images we share, both good and bad, there is a surprising lack of communication that occurs. I used swirled brush strokes that hint at words at first glance, but do not actually say anything. I also chose a muted color palette to further illustrate that something is lacking in the way we communicate in the modern day.

I began this series based on a single conversation I had with a fellow artist and friend. I originally connected with this artist over twitter which remained our primary mode of communication until I was visiting Seattle and we met for lunch. As we conversed, we both noticed that we were over explaining certain things whether it be a joke or a subtle statement. It was noticeable enough that we both stopped and thought about why we would be doing that. The first thought that went through my mind was that maybe meeting a Twitter friend in real life is just weird. But, as we thought about it, we realized it was because we were both accustomed to communicating via twitter only.  On twitter, we use emojis and gifs to indicate the mood when the text itself is not enough. So much of how a message is taken has to do with the readers mood and viewpoint that sometimes the intended message is obscured or lost altogether. My friend and I proceeded to have a fascinating discussion about the limitations of communication through social media and that planted the idea of The Communication Series in my mind.

Words Escape
by Mark Wilhelm
Part of The Communication Series

Many of my series start this way. Either an experience or a conversation will spark an idea and the challenge of putting that slice of life into a visual form is extremely compelling to me. Stay tuned for more about my other art series and what inspired them as well as how each piece within the series fits together to make up the whole thought.

-Mark Wilhelm

One thought on “How to Communicate With and Without Emojis.

  1. This is so spot on i am really new compared to most on social media but i see myself doing the same things at times and alot in my son and his friends ! I feel in my experience that the younger generation has lost the ability to write in cursive and believe that acronyms are proper ways of having a conversation in the real world !

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