What does it mean to sonder???

Sonder is the hard to explain feeling that everyone around us is the star of their own show and we are merely blips in their life while they make their way to and from.

I find it fascinating to imagine what those journeys are like for my friends and I relish the time when they are willing to tell me exactly what is on their mind. I find this to be a key factor in my friendship with fellow Artist-in-Resident, David Farmer.

From left to right: Matthew Klooster (another great artist and conversationalist), David Farmer, Mark Wilhelm

I am amazed again and again by the conversations that David and I are able to have. While our art styles could not be further apart and we have a few generations between us, we always have wonderful chats. The nuts and bolts of being an artist is the topic at times, but we usually dive deeper into discussions about art, life, and the universe! Religion and even politics come up from time to time and, amazingly, we have yet to club each other about the head and neck.

During the months of January and February, Residents Artists in Residence at the Community Arts Center will be on display in the Farmers Gallery at the Community Arts Center in Danville Kentucky.

Seeing our artwork side by side (thanks goes out to Brandon Long for doing such a wonderful job hanging the show) makes for a very interesting juxtaposition of styles and subject matter, but, just like our friendship, I think it works!

I hope all of you can make it to The Community Arts Center during January or February to see the Residents show! Feel free to stop by our studios too!

-Mark Wilhelm

2 thoughts on “What does it mean to sonder???

  1. I have always considered Mark a kindred spirit. His art is him in so many ways: enigmatic but smart and good and original. He is that refreashing article– a “searcher” ,without dogma or arrogance whose pleasant manner always inspires a pleasant tete a tete. I am proud to call him a valued friend.

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