Why Dishes and Dragons?

When I set out to write a blog, I knew I had to begin by answering one major question: What should I call the website that would be the vehicle for all of my ramblings about, art, life and everything? Sometimes finding the right answer requires asking the right question.

In this case I found the right question to be If I was going to name a coffee table book that contained two decades worth of my art, what would I call it? It would also be a bonus if it looks cool on a t-shirt!

Espresso Cup and American Gotham by Mark Wilhelm

I have made a lot of different art over the years. My Apocalypse Meow collection is about the destruction of the natural world and each piece of the show is made with a blowtorch on wooden panels. My oil paintings are organized into series that I plan thoughtfully and are inspired by subjects such as the lack of communication between people despite the abundance of words being exchanged via social media. I study the culture as well as the technique surrounding ceramic vessels such as espresso cups and ceremonial tea bowls. But, along with these thoughtful and occasionally classical arts, I enjoy painting Batman into classic paintings and drawing butts on things every chance I get!

So I needed a name that would encompass the serious nature of my art along with the playful nature of games and nerd culture. I also wanted this name to speak to the type of person who would choose my type of art to decorate their home.

Thus Dishes and Dragons was born! I hope you enjoy my weekly blog! If you want to chat about art, reach out to me on twitter or, if you would like to see more of my art, check out my instagram!

-Mark Wilhelm

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